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Strong, educationally focused sailing program

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Taking into account the traditions of the Club, we pay increased attention to educating and educating the young people of the club membership, strengthening their commitment to the Club, building a Club Community, without neglecting, of course, their efforts to compete effectively, including club competition.

The condition for participation in the youth program is appropriate academic progress, sports-like, appropriate, and attentive behavior.

Sailing is an expensive sport, but the Club seeks to tailor basic youth programs to the financial means of the vast majority of club membership.

Participation in the programs requires a significant commitment not only from the children but also from the parents.

Potential developmental pathways for children from early adolescence to age 18:

  1. mastering the basics of sailing, starting racing

  2. getting to the best of Hungarian competition, stepping on the international stage

  3. successful international competition only with family / sponsor funding, in addition to the professional background and support of the club.

The club also creates sailing opportunities for those who feel comfortable at a particular level of development or may not want to move to the next level due to financial priorities. In the case of these programs as well, participation in at least 50% of the planned program days and payment of the fee for the full annual program by the beginning of the program is a condition.

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Weöres Márti

Weöres Márti

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