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Tradition and development

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First sailing season

The club was legally formed in December 1979 with some enthusiastic “foreign” workers. At the time of the actual departure, in the spring of 1980, there was only one container and one wooden pier on the site. We bought some pirates, bought a fifty named Fergeteg, and under the direction of coach Zoltán Kuba, the departmental life started.
The new association brought many good sailors, the most famous of whom were György Fínáczy, Dr. Péter Majoross and Tibor Izsák.
At that time, foreign companies were very strong companies, the Foreign Sports Club was one of the wealthy associations. It had a broad base, operating sixteen divisions. The maintainers of the association sacrificed for the sport, which we were happy to use. Of course, it was not possible to operate a competitive department with the initial fleet, so in the autumn of 1980 the association ordered two solos from the Balatonfüred shipyard. These were later replaced by quality racing boats. Successes came soon. The first “foreign” championship was won by a 50 named Fergeteg. Almost every year, the department won a national championship in one of the classes - primarily through György Fináczy - and then we took an active part in the work of the national team.


Replacement starts

In parallel with the competition between adults, there has been a very serious upbringing in these since 1982. László Weöres dealt with the children from Optimist to 420 inclusive. Later, Álmos Hankó joined the youth team as the second coach. It was at this time that he came to us from the Kharon motorized Earth Castle.


The port was built

The harbor was built in 1984, and four years later the clubhouse. The site was not owned by the department, it was still owned by foreign companies. We tried to serve them to the maximum, we invited their leaders to sail, we organized courses for the workers and their children. Eighty hundred children learned to sail here every year. These sailing training holiday camps are still organized by the club with great success.


Community property

At the beginning of the 1990s, as a result of the transformation, a significant part of foreign companies were transformed and closed down. The Külker Sport Club also found itself in a difficult situation as it lost its base. Therefore, the Sailing Division of the KSC was also reorganized. It split from the KSC club and became an independent sailing club in 1992 under the name of Foreign Trade Sailing and Leisure Club with some “foreign” support. The support consisted mainly of renting the site from the owners (former foreign companies) and providing some sports services to their employees in return. This construction would not have ensured the existence of the club in the long run, therefore the members of the club formed Kereked Kft., Which then bought the majority part of the site from the owners in several stages in 1999-2001.

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